Forest Whitaker (Courtesy of MGM+)

MGM+ just unveiled the first-look trailer for their highly anticipated series, “Emperor of Ocean Park.”

This thrilling drama, brought to life by John Wells and Sherman Payne, is set to premiere its first episode on July 14.

With new episodes dropping every Sunday until September 15, your summer Sundays just got a whole lot more exciting.

Based on the bestselling novel by Stephen L. Carter, “Emperor of Ocean Park” promises a blend of political intrigue, academic drama, and beachside mystery, set against the picturesque backdrop of Martha’s Vineyard.

The series stars an impressive lineup including Forest Whitaker, Grantham Coleman, Tiffany Mack, Henry Simmons, and Paulina Lule.

And just when you thought the cast couldn’t get any better, they’ve added some heavy hitters: NAACP Image Award Winner Keith Powers, Kelli Simpkins, Keith Kupferer, and Deanna Reed-Foster.

Tiffany Mack, Henry Simmons, Grantham Coleman in ‘Emperor of Ocean Park’ (Courtesy of MGM+)

Meet The Cast & Characters:

Grantham Coleman as Talcott Garland

Talcott, or Tal, is an esteemed law professor whose seemingly peaceful life is thrown into turmoil following the sudden death of his father, Judge Oliver Garland. As Tal delves into the mystery surrounding his father’s death, he finds himself navigating a web of secrets and lies.

Forest Whitaker as Judge Oliver Garland

Though his time on screen may be short, Judge Garland’s presence looms large. A failed Black nominee to the Supreme Court, his mysterious death sets the entire plot in motion.

Tiffany Mack as Mariah Garland

Mariah, Tal’s sister, is a former journalist and self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist. She’s convinced that their father’s death was no accident and drags Tal into her quest for the truth.

Keith Powers as Lionel ‘Nasty Nel’ Eldridge

Powers plays Lionel, an ex-NBA star turned law student. Not your average student, Lionel is a giant in both stature and dedication. He’s older, wiser, and looks up to Tal for guidance. Keith Powers, represented by The Gersh Agency, Megan Silverman Management, and Goodman, Genow, Shenkman, Smelkinson, and Christopher, brings a powerful presence to this role.

Kelli Simpkins as Dana Worth

Dana is an opinionated, whip-smart, and hilarious law professor. A loyal colleague and friend to Tal, she’s quick to join him on his investigative adventures. Simpkins is represented by Gray Talent Group and 1022m.

Keith Kupferer as Mallory ‘Uncle Mal’ Corcoran

Uncle Mal is the epitome of a well-connected lawyer and power broker. Respected by politicians and the wealthy alike, he’s a longtime ally to the Garland family. Kupferer, represented by Gray Talent Group and Fusion Entertainment, perfectly embodies this complex character.

Deanna Reed-Foster as Sally Garland, aka Cousin Sally

Sally is the life of the party and a functioning alcoholic, struggling with loneliness and the need for her cousins’ approval. Her character adds depth and a touch of humor to the series. Reed-Foster is represented by DDO Artists Agency and Lewk Management.

Watch The Trailer

Produced by John Wells Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television, “Emperor of Ocean Park” is shaping up to be a must-watch series.

With John Wells, Erin Jontow, Shukree Tilghman, and Sherman Payne serving as executive producers, the show promises high-quality storytelling and production values.

So, get ready for a summer filled with suspense, drama, and a touch of beachside bliss.

The countdown to July 14 is on, and I can’t wait to see how Talcott Garland unravels the mysteries of “Emperor of Ocean Park.”

Are you looking forward to checking out the series?

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