Ed Lover FedEx job fair C'mon Son Podcast

Ed Lover, one of the most iconic voices in Hip Hop culture, revealed on his podcast that he went to a FedEx job fair seeking work when his money got low.

Not many celebrities will divulge that kind of information for public consumption, but much respect to the OG for keeping it real.

Ed Lover relayed the information in a teaser clip he posted to his Instagram promoting the upcoming episode of his podcast, “C’MON SON! The Podcast” featuring The Creep Squad.

In the video clip, Ed said:

I had one point in my life where I was at a job fair.

Trying to work for FedEx.

After Power fired me and everybody said that Ed cost too much.

The money was running low. I kept my assistant.

I had a ******* crazy child support payment coming out of my money every month.

Six thousand ******* dollars a month!

Watch the teaser clip of The Creep Squad interview on the “C’MON SON! The Podcast” below:

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Ed Lover is an iconic figure in Hip Hop culture. He is a rapper, actor, musician, and radio personality who has worked at multiple radio stations, including Hot 97 and Power 105 in New York.

He is one of the original hosts of Yo! MTV Raps, and he is credited as one of the first people to announce Tupac’s death at a Nas show in 1996.

Three years ago, Ed spoke out on “The Premium Pete Show” about how hurt he was by being fired from Power 105.

Watch the video clip from “The Premium Pete Show” below:

Catch the full episode of Ed Lover’s “C’MON SON! The Podcast” featuring The Creep Squad Thursday (February 23) at 1 PM EST on all streaming platforms.

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