Dwayne Johnson - Fast X - Vin Diesel- New Hobbs Movie

Hopefully, by now you’ve seen Fast X, and if not, this spoiler alert is far too late. Dwayne Johnson took to social media to share why he made the decision to return to the Fast & Furious franchise.

You may recall Dwayne was adamant about being done with the franchise and he even accused Vin Diesel of trying to manipulate him when Vin made a public plea for him to come back.

Vin pleaded:

My little brother Dwayne… the time has come. The world awaits the finale of Fast 10. As you know, my children refer to you as Uncle Dwayne in my house.

There is not a holiday that goes by that they and you don’t send well wishes… but the time has come.

Legacy awaits.

I told you years ago that I was going to fulfill my promise to Pablo. I swore that we would reach and manifest the best Fast in the finale that is 10!

I say this out of love… but you must show up, do not leave the franchise idle you have a very important role to play.

Hobbs can’t be played by no other. I hope that you rise to the occasion and fulfill your destiny.

Dwayne Johnson told CNN in December 2021:

I was very surprised by Vin’s recent post. This past June, when Vin and I actually connected not over social media, I told him directly – and privately – that I would not be returning to the franchise.

I was firm yet cordial with my words and said that I would always be supportive of the cast and always root for the franchise to be successful, but that there was no chance I would return.

I privately spoke with my partners at Universal as well, all of whom were very supportive as they understand the problem.

Vin’s recent public post was an example of his manipulation.

But, it appears after DC pulled the plug on Black Adam 2, Dwayne Johnson had a change of heart and was ready for Hobbs’ return, but of course, only if it benefits his production company, Seven Bucks.

The Rock wrote on his Instagram page:

Hope you’ve got your funderwear on…

And he just got lei’d 🌺😈

Luke Hobbs will be returning to the Fast & Furious franchise.

Your reactions around the world to Hobbs’ return in Fast X have blown us away 🤯🙏🏾🌍

The next Fast & Furious film you’ll see the legendary lawman in will be the HOBBS movie that will serve as a fresh, new chapter & set up for FASTX: Part II

Last summer @vindiesel and I put all the past behind us. We’ll lead with brotherhood and resolve – and always take care of the franchise, characters & FANS that we love.

I’ve built my career on an “ Audience First” mentality and that will always serve as my North Star ⭐️

Congratulations to my Fast Family & Universal Studios on the global success of FAST X and as always, Hobbs & @SevenBucksProd are motivated to help take the Fast franchise to new and exciting places for fans worldwide.

“Daddy’s gotta go to work” ~ HOBBS


See Dwayne Johnson’s original post below as well as the accompanying video.

Foolishness aside, I was pleasantly surprised to see Dwayne Johnson’s cameo as Hobbs in Fast X and I’m sure Vin Diesel is happy to have the gang back together.

But, did anyone check on Tyrese?!

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