Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ Makes Apple Music Streaming History

Chart Data tweeted on Monday that Drake’s “God’s Plan” is the most streamed song in Apple Music history.

This comes as no surprise to me because when I first heard “God’s Plan” I knew it was out of here! It’s one of those songs that connects with so many people on so many different levels.

The video enhanced the song even more with the concept of filming Drake blessing people financially with the video budget money.

Seeing the unexpected recipients’ reactions to the financial blessing Drake bestows upon them in the video evokes a lot of emotions from the common viewer.

I’m sure many of you have seen the video before, but for nostalgia sake watch the video below again:

Karena Evans directed the video, and to date, it has over 1.2 billion views. The video garnered 5 nominations at the 2018 MTV awards, and it is a mystery to me why it didn’t win.

BET represented and honored the video with the Video of the Year award in 2018.

The song won a grammy in 2019 in the Best Rap Song category.

Congratulations to Drake and Karena for an amazing song and video!

Source: HipHopDX

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