Benny The Butcher, from the Griselda collective, recently released his video for “Legend” off his sophomore solo release, Burden of Proof.

In my opinion, Burden of Proof solidifies Benny as the best rapper in the Griselda camp.

Benny The Butcher has a certain bravado that sets him apart from other members of the group and his delivery and bar game is impeccable.

His confidence is evident, as the hook in the song portrays:

They say I’m a be a legend soon, I’m a legend now!

The track is a Hit-Boy classic that will have you nodding your head soon after the beat drops.

Watch Benny’s “Legend” video below:

Burden of Proof is one of the best rap albums I’ve heard all year and I highly recommend it.

Benny has garnered a lot of respect in the game and his album features attest to that. The album includes features from Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Big Sean, & Freddie Gibbs.

Are you scooping or scrapping Benny The Butcher’s “Legend” video?