Dr. Ian Smith was hot as fish grease during his appearance on the “Karen Hunter Show” and he seemingly dragged Tamron Hall for the shady practices of her talk show.

According to Dr. Ian, Tamron’s hit talk show isn’t interested in having Black experts who could bring value to our community as guests…unless they have some type of scandal or messy mess going on.

There are a lot of people who look like me, who are equally educated, equally articulate, who are not getting a platform on major shows. And, you know, they won’t bring on African-American or Latinx people as experts to talk about things like education or sociology or medicine or law.

They will only bring us on when we’re an entertainer or an athlete or we do something salacious.

There is a talk show with an African-American host and an African-American executive producer that has said to publicists do not pitch us your Black clients we are not a Black show, pitch us your white clients, we don’t want to be looked at as a Black show.

They will bring on Black experts when they do something salacious or they’re in the headlines for doing something bad. Then they’ll bring Black people on to talk about that.

Dr. Ian went on to explain why he was calling out the show.

I’m putting this show on blast because when white shows and hosts don’t let us on we criticize them, but the same criticism has to be held when a show is helmed and hosted by Black people that keep us off the airwaves and it’s just not right.

For the record, Dr. Ian Smith never called Tamron Hall out by name, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know who he was talking about.

Watch the clip below.

Now, Dr. Ian…if you gone bring the smoke you have to have enough courage to call people out by name.

Your thoughts?