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Dr. Dre Pulls Prenup Receipts On His Wife Nicole In Messy Divorce Trial

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Dr. Dre recently filed a prenup with the court that states that all property acquired from the beginning of his 1996 marriage is separate, but his wife Nicole Young is entitled to spousal support.

Basically, all the money Dr. Dre made is his, but he will have to pay Nicole spousal support.

Nicole is asking for $2 million a month for spousal support, but it has been revealed that her actual monthly expenses total $293, 306.

Damn that’s a lot of money!

Dr. Dre’s lawyer Laura Wasser said Dre has voluntarily paid all of Nicole’s expenses since they split. He pays for the Malibu estate, security, and when she needs cash a messenger delivers it.

Dre also pays Nicole’s lawyer fees, and there are documents stating that he has paid Nicole’s lawyers more than his own lawyers.

How you pay for someone to sue you?…

Nicole lawyers are asking for $5 million in lawyer fees, but Dre is pushing back stating that he has already paid her lawyers nearly $1 million and the divorce was just filed in June.

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