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Donald Glover recently revealed his is now a father of three.

The award-winning actor and musician welcomed his third son with his partner, Michelle White, during the pandemic on the heels of losing his father.

He revealed the news during his interview with Michaela Coel for British GQ.

The “Atlanta” star shared how his son arrived shortly after he watched the video of George Floyd‘s tragic death and the impact it had on him.

Yeah, it was nuts. I was in the hospital bed. My son had just been born, like, an hour before and I was watching the George Floyd video.

It was such a weird moment. It was such an intense, weird moment, because I’m watching that video and it’s like eight minutes long, so you’re sitting there and I had just had this amazing, joyful, expanding moment, plus my dad had passed away recently, so [my son] was named after my father… I don’t even know what, really, the word is to describe it.

It was just expanding: the empathy and compassion and the terror and the joy of it.

Donald Glover is an extremely private person when it comes to his personal life, so I appreciate him for sharing this tidbit of good news.

My sincerest condolences to him on the passing of his father.

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