BRUH! It looks like the wait for “Atlanta” season 3 and 4 will be even longer than we’ve anticipated. 

FX Networks and FX Productions chairman John Landgraf previously stated the Golden Globe-winning series would return in January 2021. 

But, because the pandemic forced production shutdowns the release will be pushed back. 

So now, production on season 3 will tentatively begin in January 2021 and will premiere later in the year. 

Via Variety:

The third and fourth seasons of “Atlanta” were written together and will be shot that way as well. (Landgraf did say that “Donald Glover and his intrepid team” were able to finish writing over the last few months.) One season is set and will primarily be shot in Atlanta, Ga., as per usual, but the other takes place in Europe.

Europe, eh? Well, that should be interesting. 

Are you ready for the new season of “Atlanta?”

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