DJ Paul addresses Gangsta Boo funeral (1)

DJ Paul took to social media on Sunday to respond to the backlash he received for not attending Gangsta Boo‘s funeral service.

The homegoing service for the rapper, whose real name is Lola Mitchell, was held on Saturday, January 14 at the Brown Baptist Church in Southaven, Mississippi.

DJ Paul, who is a founding member of Three Six Mafia, was heavily criticized when word of his absence spread across social media.

In a video posted on his Instagram page, Paul addressed his critics and set the record straight regarding his absence saying:

Let me explain something to you b**ch @ss n***as out there who got something to say about me not coming to Boo’s funeral. 

N***a, I paid for the funeral, h*e. 

I’m on muthaf**kin tour and even if I wasn’t…I don’t do funerals, n***a!

DJ Paul went on to share that the last time he attended a funeral he was bombarded by “groupies” who wanted to talk to him.

He noted that he has nothing to prove to anyone because “Boo know how much I loved her and I know how much she loved me.”

Paul went on to take credit for making Gangsta Boo a star and stated that there would only be four of five people at the funeral if it wasn’t for “who he created.”

He also addressed those who criticized her casket.

“Her mama wanted her to be cremated like the rest of their family. What the f**k we gone spend money on an expensive @ss coffin for when she fitna get cremated?”

Watch DJ Paul’s full response video below.

Some things are better left unsaid and everything doesn’t require a response.

My condolences, prayers, and deepest sympathies go out to the Mitchell family and all who knew and loved Gangsta Boo.

May she rest in peace.

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