A disgruntled customer drove his vehicle into the famous Los Angeles sneaker store Cool Kicks while customers were inside shopping.

The disgruntled customer’s name has not been revealed, but he was upset that Cool Kicks did not buy the sneakers he was trying to sell to them.

Cool Kicks is known for buying, selling, and trading sneakers with customers, resellers, and shoe collectors.

The disgruntled customer got in his car, ran over a no parking sign, and proceeded to drive his car 3/4 into the front glass of the store.

Thankfully, the customers inside the store were not harmed. The suspect fled and it is unknown if he was caught.

There is some speculation that onlookers were urging the driver on by verbally placing bets on him driving through the glass.

In the video below @mookcool_, a staff member at Cool Kicks, gives a recap of the incident:

One of the clues that should’ve alerted the staff that this guy was a little off was the fact that he came in the store to sell shoes but he didn’t have any shoes on.

I’m always suspicious of people who walk around bare-foot in public.

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