Dionne Warwick Reveals Her Last Name Is Really ‘Warrick’ & That All The Royalties From ‘That’s What Friends Are For’ Still Goes To AIDS Research

Legendary singer Dionne Warwick, who has won six Grammys, recently revealed on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” that her last name is actually Warrick, and one of her biggest hit songs still funds AIDS research.

Dionne appeared on the show to promote her documentary, “Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over,” which premieres New Year’s Day on CNN at 9 p.m. EST.

During the interview, Dionne revealed that they spelled her last name wrong when they printed the first label of her recording “Don’t Make Me Over.”

It’s Warrick!..

Yeah, somehow they made a transformation when they printed the first label of my recording, “Don’t Make Me Over.”

And they took away one of the Rs and put a W in its place, and I became a ‘wick ‘instead of a ‘rick.’

But, you know, I was very upset about that, still am, yeah!…

It’s been very good to me, I must say that though, it really has.

After telling a story about how she almost got arrested down South while touring with Sam Cooke, she also revealed that the royalties from one of her biggest hit songs, “That’s What Friends Are For” is still funding AIDS research today.

She said she was asked by Elizabeth Taylor who was starting AmFAR (American Foundation for AIDS Research) at the time (1985) if they would give her the song. 

So when we were asked by Elizabeth Taylor, who was starting AmFAR at the time, if we would give her the song.

She didn’t say borrow…

So we all looked at each other and said, okay if it means our talent is going to stem this craziness, you got it!

So every dime of that song, every time it sold went directly to AmFAR… And still does.

The song was originally Dionne’s, but Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and Gladys Knight are all featured on the song, and as it turns out, the song earned Elton his first Grammy win.

The proceeds from the song have raised over $500,000 for AmFAR.

Watch the video clip of the Dionne Warwick interview from “The Jennifer Hudson Show” below:

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