Diddy is the executive producer and host of the Billboard Awards which airs on Sunday (May 15) on NBC, and he said he is “un-canceling the canceled.”

I think it’s very wrong for people to cancel people.

Things happen in life that you can’t control.

People make mistakes, accidents happen, and people deserve a second chance.

So that’s why it was important for me to have Travis Scott perform and Morgan Wallen.

Travis Scott has received a lot of backlash following the deaths of 10 people died at his Astroworld Music Festival last November (2021).

And country music singer Morgan Wallen was caught on camera using a racial slur in February 2021.

It’s going to be interesting to see how these performances are received.

Diddy is also super excited about presenting Mary J. Blige, who he calls his sister, with the Icon Award.

That’s my highlight of the night is the Mary J. Blige Icon Award.

My sister is getting a lifetime achievement award.

We started in the mud together in the projects.

You know, her singing, and me picking her up.

Now I’m executive producing and hosting the awards, and she’s performing and getting a lifetime achievement icon award.

Man, God is so good.

Watch the video below:

Be sure to tune into the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, May 15 at 8 PM EST on NBC.