Dick Vitale Vows To Beat Cancer & Call Games Around His Chemo Treatments

America’s favorite sports commentator Dick Vitale has vowed to beat cancer and continue calling games around his chemotherapy treatments.

Dickie V revealed he was diagnosed with lymphoma earlier this week, and he said Wednesday that he was prescribed steroids and six months of chemotherapy to eradicate it.

In the video, Dickie V is nearly in tears thanking all the people whose shown him support since he revealed his diagnosis.

He has been commentating games since the 70s and sports fans are instantly drawn to his verbal swagger.

Dickie V goes on in the video to talk about his treatment plan and how the doctors are going to schedule to allow him to commentate some games, which he describes as his “best medicine of all.”

He shouts out some strong people that he admires that are currently battling cancer, and he makes his vow to beat cancer through the support of his doctors, family, friends, and fans.

Watch the video below:

We pray that Dick Vitale remains strong and molly whop’s cancer.

Source: TMZ

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