Dez Bryant via 'The Pivot' Podcast (YouTube)

Dez Bryant became overwhelmed with emotion as he shared a heartfelt message about breaking generational curses on “The Pivot” podcast. 

The former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver read a message that he said he has kept in his phone for about six years. 

Break generational curses, quit yelling at your kids before they go to bed and expect them to sleep well.

Quit yelling at your kids in the morning right after they wake up for school and expect them to have a good day.

You set the tone for your children, you set the tone for your voice they will always remember in their heads, you become their inner voice, don’t be their inner critic.

Speak life, speak love, speak bravery, kindness and hope.

Speak wisdom, truth, and most of all listen to your children.

As he fought back tears, Dez Bryant shared, “I never had none of that. I give that to mine. That’s my number one priority. I follow that. That’s how I break it. I do it and I live it.”

Watch the clip below. 

You may recall that in 2012, Dez Bryant was arrested for allegedly assaulting his mother, Angela Bryant, who gave birth to him when she was 13.

The police report indicated Dez allegedly grabbed his mother by her t-shirt and hair and “hit her across the face with his ball cap.”

When Angela called 911 she said, “I can’t keep letting him do this. I can’t keep letting him do me like this. I’m tired. I’m going to put an end to it today. I’m going to put an end to it today. I’m tired.”

During his interview with “The Pivot,” Dez was asked about his relationship with his mother and he said:

I’m going to be honest. My mom knows I love her to death.

But, the relationship was kind of weird.

Since I was a child…I never got the mom mom that I always wanted.

I think that’s something that bothered me throughout my life a lot.

But, I also got it too. I also understood all of the thing that my mom been through.

So, that made me kind of mature early too. 

Dez added, “But, the relationship with my mom…” (he paused and took a deep breath) “Man….all I’ll say is this right here it’s not what I always wanted. And it’s something that I would never want a kid to ever experience, but you know we can’t control the cards that we were dealt.”

Watch the clip below. 

I’m here for these types of necessary conversations and I appreciate Dez Bryant for being vulnerable and transparent.

Breaking generational curses should be a priority. 

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