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Deon Cole & D.L. Hughley Apologize To Chris Rock For Their Lack Of Empathy

Deon Cole & D.L. Hughley Apologize To Chris Rock For Their Lack Of Empathy

Comedians Deon Cole and D.L. Hughley recently posted video apologies to Chris Rock for not having empathy for what he must be going through.

Deon Cole apologized for posting a meme about the incident that he realized in retrospect was in bad taste.

I just want to say I apologize to Chris Rock.

I posted some dumb a** meme and sh*t without even thinking.

You know, I apologize for that. Not knowing and not thinking what that man is going through.

I was listening to DL Hughley, and he right.

Almost sixty year old man got slapped in front of millions of people, and he’s a comedian brother of ours.

We need to, like, be behind him. He’s inspired every comedian that’s performing right now.

Some form or fashion Chris Rock has inspired you…

Watch the Deon Cole apology video below:


In D.L. Hughley’s apology video, he referenced the fact that Chris Rock has family members who will also forever be affected by Will Smith’s actions.

Watch DL Hughley’s apology video below:

The one good thing that came out of the Oscars Slap Scandal is an appreciation for the humility and professionalism of Chris Rock.

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