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Dell Curry has accused his estranged wife Sonya Curry of cheating on him with ex-NFL player Steve Johnson, who played tight end for the New England Patriots in 1988.

Steve only played one year for the Patriots, he now owns a successful commercial development company.

According to court documents, Dell Curry said Sonya “began her extramarital affair with Mr. Johnson during the marriage (prior to the date of separation) and she lied to Dell each time she cheated on him.”

In response, Sonya says she did not cheat on Dell.

She said she is in a relationship that began “months after” her and Dell’s legal separation in March 2020.

In the documents, Dell states he should not have to pay alimony because Sonya is living with Johnson in Tennessee.

Sonya denied living with Johnson. She claims she is living alone because Dell kicked her out of their home.

She claims Dell had affairs with different women during their marriage and family and friends knew about it.

What’s wild is one month before their separation, Dell and Sonya were doing a podcast together.

In the clip below, Dell talked about the importance of giving their kids a “normal life.”

This is getting messy.

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Source: TMZ