Deion Sanders has had an interesting couple of months as Jackson State University’s head football coach as his personal possessions have been stolen twice.

Deion had a radio stolen from him a few months ago at JSU, and most recently someone stole all of the belongings in his office during the football team’s first game.

After reaching out to the hood Deion’s radio was returned, and according to a recent update the belongings in his office have been found after being misplaced.

I’m not sure if I believe his belongings were misplaced.

Deion Sanders was hot as fish grease at the post-game press conference after his team had an amazing 53-0 victory in the first game of the season.

Watch the video below:

Later on in the day, Coach Prime responded to a tweet and provided some insight on what really happened with his personal belongings in his office.

Just as I suspected, Deion’s belongings were stolen.

It is very unfortunate that Deion’s belongings keep getting compromised while he’s trying to lead the charge in putting HBCU football on another level.

These thieves are lucky that Deion is not from the school of “Try Jesus Not Me.”

What these crooks may not realize is that Deion has a great relationship with the Hinds County Sheriff Department, and it would be very easy for him to press charges against them.

Congratulations to Deion and the Jackson State University football team on their first victory, and hopefully people leave coach Prime’s personal belongings alone.

Do you think Deion Sanders needs to start pressing charges against these violators?

Source: SI

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