Deion Sanders’ black Ford F350 was broken into on Monday, the thief stole a boombox that had sentimental value to Deion, after reaching out to the cops and the hood the boombox was returned.

Deion says at 5:37 AM, a white Suburban pulled up to his car at a hotel in Jackson, Miss., and broke into his black Ford F350. He said the thief smashed out his window and took a boombox that was given to him for his birthday from someone very special and dear to him.

I’m a little disturbed. Because the boombox has a sentimental value. Somebody that’s very special and dear to me gave me that as a birthday gift. And I want that back.

Please, find my boombox! Streets, please, find my boombox! God bless you.

Watch the video below:

Deion reached out to the Jackson Police Dept. as well.

Once the word got out to the streets that the boombox that was stolen belonged to Primetime the streets made sure they got it back to him, along with a handwritten note.

Man they wild. They say they didn’t know but I ain’t trippin over no bread. Just please bring back hope 2 Jackson … a winning season would be great.

The person that wrote the note declined the reward money, and just wanted to be compensated with a winning football season for the Jackson State Tigers, the Black College football team that Deion Sanders became head coach of last year.

Watch the video below:

Shout out to the hood for getting Primetime his boombox back even though they shouldn’t have violated him in the first place. You can tell he loves the camera, but he dropped some gems in the video.

Have you ever had something valuable stolen from you?

Source: TMZ

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