Deion Sanders Thanksgiving Break Speech To His JSU Football Team: ‘Everybody That’s There For You, Ain’t There For You'

Deion Sanders needs an NAACP Image Award for the Thanksgiving break speech that he gave to his JSU (Jackson State University) football team.

Deion has garnered multiple Coach of the Year accolades since he became the 21st head coach of JSU on September 21, 2020, including:

SWAC Coach of the Year

Eddie Robinson National Coach of the Year

BOXTOTOW National Coach of the Year

Black  College Hall of Fame Coach of the Year

Coach Prime has changed the culture at JSU by instilling confidence, faith, and love into his team, and his Thanksgiving break speech is a shining example of his extraordinary leadership.

Guys don’t go home speeding. You gone get there.

You getting there 30 minutes earlier ain’t gonna really make no difference.

Ain’t nobody gonna clap harder for you just because you got there 30 minutes earlier, all right?

The speed limit, abide by that. Please don’t get caught with no weed, no drugs, no alcohol, drunk driving, or anything on the way home, I’m dead serious about that.

Please don’t go home trying to be 11-0 or what we are.

Nobody don’t care about that.

Okay, they already jealous and kind of envious of your accomplishments and achievements.

So be cognizant of that. 

Everybody that’s there for you, ain’t there for you.

Okay, Imma say that slow, everybody that’s there for you, ain’t there for you.

So make sure you don’t go big Mr. Jackson State wearing all your stuff everywhere next thing you know somebody got beef and you try to hit somebody ole lady, and they don’t like it, and they put them gloves on you, and it’s all that.

You don’t need that. Keep the peace, keep the joy, keep the love, keep the respect. 

Everybody in your family don’t love you. 

Okay, some people are jealous of you, they envious of you, some people really ain’t don’t for what you’re doing, and what you’re doing is setting a trend and a goal, and bringing your family out to a whole new direction, and you have an anointing on your life.

So everybody that’s there ain’t there for you.

So understand that. I want you guys to be safe.

If you club, when you go out understand that people are shooting now, they ain’t fighting no more.

Okay, people are shooting now they ain’t fighting no more.

And understand who you with and the company you keep.

You’ve grown, you’ve matured, you’ve progressed, you’re not who you were when you left.

You’re someone different, but they’re seeing you in the same light and it’s not right.

So be careful guys. I don’t want to lose any of you. I mean any one of you.

Cause all of you are important in some realm or factor to this team…

To the structure overall, the dominance that we’re trying to achieve.

So I don’t want to lose anybody, coaches included…

Coaches included, cause I know y’all have a good time too and everybody ain’t for y’all either.

Watch Coach Prime deliver his Thanksgiving speech below:

Deion Sanders had some amazing dad speak for his team, and his words could potential safe multiple lives.

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