Deion Sanders Consoles JSU Player Hayden Hagler, Who Received Death Threats After Celebration Bowl Loss

Coach Prime (Deion Sanders) Consoled JSU Player Hayden Hagler, Who Received Death Threats After They Loss The Celebration Bowl

Deion Sanders consoled Jackson State University (JSU) tight end, Hayden Hagler, in the locker room, after the game, letting him know that his dropped pass was not the reason they lost the Celebration Bowl 34-41.

The Celebration Bowl is the NCAA Division 1 HBCU Championship game, and this year JSU lost the chip to North Carolina Central, at the Mercedes Benz Stadium, on December 17, in Atlanta Georgia.

Tight end Hayden Hagler dropped a wide-open touchdown pass in overtime that could’ve potentially tied the game.

Hayden, who has a family history of depression, took the dropped pass extremely personally.

Coach Prime, being the amazing coach he is, consoled Hayden in the locker room and told him he is not the reason they lost. They lost as a team.

…that ain’t on you that’s on us. We lost together do you understand that?

I need you to fight through this adversity.

This is going to prepare you for life… that moment is going to make you who you want to be for the rest of your life.

See Coach Prime’s original IG post below:

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Hayden’s mom revealed that she and his girlfriend received death threats from anonymous sources while they were at the game in the Mercedes Benz Stadium, and the threats got so bad they hid “in the bathroom until the stadium was empty.”

Hayden’s mom shared with Pastor E. Dewey Smith Jr., who prayed with Hayden after the game, that she has lost three sons and a daughter from depression and a car accident.

Hayden’s mom, Lisa Hagler, said, “Hayden prayed for that play to make his brothers proud of him, but it backfired.”

Prayers up for Hayden’s mental health.

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Source: HBCU Sports

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