London 'Deelishis' Charles Says She Would Date Flavor Flav Today

London “Deelishis” Charles recently appeared on “The Hollywood Groupchat” podcast and revealed that she would date 64-year-old Hip Hop legend Flavor Flav today.

Deelishis was the Season 2 winner of “Flavor of Love” in October 2006.

The premise of the VH1 show was 20 single women in a mansion in Los Angeles competing to become Flavor Flav’s one true love.

During the podcast interview, Deelishis said after she won the show, she thought she and Flavor Flav would be together, but things didn’t work out that way.

Podcast host Mehgan James asked Deelishis if she and Flavor Flav were still cool, and she responded:

Oh, we’re very cool!

Flav is often in Detroit.

Someone just recently told me that he has a place there now, and he kind of, like, semi-resides there.

But, he’s often around my dad… Um, they run into each other all the time or whatever.

But, he’ll hit me up especially if he hears something, you know, that’s in the news, whether it’s good or bad, he always checks on me.

…I love Flav!… I would date Flav… In real life.

…Especially to this day… I would.

I didn’t get my chance… I didn’t really get the chance to date him.

I won the show, and in my mind that meant I won him, and we were going to start dating or whatever, but that really didn’t happen like that.

Deelishis also gave her perspective on why her marriage to her ex-husband Raymond Santana of the Central Park Five only lasted for 20 months and ended in divorce in November 2022.

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