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Dave East and his crew were recently kicked off a Delta flight for what he called an act of racism, and he videotaped the incident.

The woman who initiated the act is never seen in the video, but Mr. East is in pursuit of her throughout the video.

The video starts with a Jamaican guy on the plane trying to gain some clarity on why Mr. East and his crew are being kicked off the plane.

While the attendant is talking to the Jamaican guy Mr. East told him it’s racism and he proceeded to exit the plane.

Once Mr. East leaves the plane he sees police waiting for him off the plane.

Mr. East films the police officers and scolds a couple of them. He zoomed in on a few of the officers’ badges, Alberto, a Latino male, and officer Clarke, a brother.

It was hilarious when Mr. East told the brother, “You just doing your job tho!”.

Mr. East continues to express that he did nothing wrong and this whole situation is due to racism.

A member from Mr. East crew thanks the Jamaican guy for defending them and Mr. East and his crew leaves.

Watch video below:

I’m sure Dave East will not be flying Delta Airlines anytime soon.