Angel Love Davis is a mother of two.

The former Basketball Wives” season 5 star welcomed a bouncing baby boy, Savior Amar, three months premature.

In a post on her Instagram page, Angel shared:

These past few months have been a real journey and one of my biggest blessings.

In an exclusive interview with People, Angel Love Davis revealed she was admitted to the hospital for two months after initially going in “for a normal checkup.”

I found out my cervix was funneling… it was still closed at the bottom, but the top wasn’t closed all the way, so it looks like a funnel.

It was a risk for preterm labor.

Doctors gave her medicine in hopes of treating the condition but it only got worse. 

It got to a point where [my cervix] opened all the way. I was dilated 1 centimeter, and I was maybe 23 or 24 weeks.

Angel’s water broke at 25 weeks. Her medical team held off the delivery with medication for another three weeks. 

But, on the 28th week, Angel says Savior was ready. When doctors checked her cervix to see how her labor was progressing…they got a surprise.

They actually felt his leg. He was about to walk on out!

Savior Amar arrived at 28 weeks and weighed 2 pounds, but he was strong and a fighter. 

He didn’t have to be intubated; he came out breathing on his own, which was all a blessing. He had some oxygen for a little while [and] a feeding tube, and that’s just because of him learning to have that sucking reflex he just didn’t have at that time because he still was a preemie. … [Two weeks later] he started latching on to the breast.

Angel Love’s first child, her daughter Heaven Love, carried to full term. So, this experience was definitely eye-opening.

I never realized what it was like being on that other side of being a mother and you’re battling going into preterm labor and maybe having a premature baby. It just all made me realize the blessings that everything comes with — just knowing that you’re able to get pregnant, ’cause a lot of women struggle with even getting pregnant.

God is great!

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Congratulations to Angel Love on both of her beautiful blessings.