Darnell 'Superchef' Ferguson and wife Tatahda Ferguson (via Instagram)

The wife of Darnell “SuperChef” Ferguson is now saying the abuse allegations against the Food Network star are untrue. 

Darnell was arrested in Kentucky on Tuesday (January 9) on multiple charges including strangulation, burglary, and terroristic threats. 


Court records show an emergency order of protection was filed against SuperChef on January 2. 

In addition to the strangulation, burglary, and terroristic threat charges, Darnell Ferguson was facing misdemeanor charges of assault, menacing, criminal mischief, and theft-receipt of a stolen credit or debit card. 

WLKY News reported Darnell Ferguson entered Tatahda Ferguson’s home, strangled her until she passed out, and then threatened to kill her. 

His bond was set at $10,000.

In a statement released on Tuesday, April 30, Tatahda Ferguson walked back claims that her husband strangled her. 

Darnell and I have had our issues and we made every effort not to let it impact our family and loved ones, particularly our children.

I reacted in the heat of the moment after we had an intense argument, and called the police for a matter that really didn’t warrant their involvement.

She even blamed police for twisting her words and trying to make a name for themselves by throwing the book at her celebrity husband. 

Tatahda wrote that she “never felt unsafe or threatened by him and he has always been an incredible father to our children. It hurts my heart that way he’s being vilified. I am coming forward to try and do what’s right to clear his name and help our family heal.”

When police arrived at the Ferguson home they observed and took pictures of redness, scatches not only to Tatahda’s neck but also her upper thighs.

But, in her statement, Mrs. Ferguson claims she was “never in any physical danger.” 

“There was no attempt at strangulation or any kind of assault by Darnell,” she wrote. “I would have spoken sooner but the officers and legal system manipulated the situation…Darnell is a good man with a great heart and didn’t deserve for any of this to happen.”

Alrighty, ma’am! 

St. Matthews Police Department Chief Barry Wilkerson tells PEOPLE that the investigation is still open and pending.

“If you look at domestic violence cases many times victims recant,” he says. “It is part of the cycle of domestic violence. We will still actively work this case and work in conjunction with the victim in this case and every other victim to make sure they are safe.”

“They are difficult cases to work, and we are always looking out for our victims in these cases,” he adds. “As a chief, I am proud of the way our detectives and the victim’s services specialist handled the case.”

Darnell Ferguson and his wife Tatahda share eight children between them; six of them live full-time in their Louisville home. 

Their children are ages 2, 4, 6, 10, 11, 12, and two 16-year-olds.

Fix it, Lord.

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Source: People

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