During the 3rd quarter of the Week 5 football game against the New York Giants, Dak Prescott appeared to dislocate his right ankle as he was taken down by a defender after a scramble.

Dak’s right leg became weirdly entangled with the Giants defender as he awkwardly put pressure on his right ankle. The right ankle appeared to hit the ground first, not the right foot.

See video of the gruesome injury below:

The Dallas Cowboys have struggled to win games this season, but Dak is the league leader in passing yards.

The Cowboys had a 1-3 record going into the Week 5 game against the Giants, with Dak leading the league with 1690 passing yards.

We pray that Dak Prescott makes a full recovery and comes back next season even stronger.

Dak Prescott’s full diagnoses was still pending during the time of this post.