Da Brat took to the streets of social media over the weekend and blasted Nicci Gilbert for using the Kelly Price debacle to promote her “She Speaks” show and for telling the singer’s business.

Nicci went live on Instagram on Sunday to announce she had spoken to Kelly Price and that the singer is “A-Okay.”

Nicci ended the live by announcing she would be discussing it further on her show later that evening. 

Watch the clip below. 

During her show, Nicci Gilbert gave the scoop on how she became involved in the situation.

The Brownstone singer was careful not to divulge exact details, but she did share A LOT! Too much for someone who is claiming to be discreet.

Nicci said that she was pulled into the situation by Kelly’s daughter, Nia Rolle, who was concerned about her mother and needed someone to help her. 

Nicci went on to share she received a phone call from Kelly’s sister, Shanrae Price, as well and she served as a resource for the family to help them get answers regarding Kelly’s wellbeing.

Watch below at the 1:01 mark.

When Da Brat got off of a plane, after a day of helping New Orleans families in need, she hopped on Instagram and called Nicci out. 

Watch the clip below. 


Nicci and her co-hosts did address the clout-chasing claims on their show. (1:23:30 mark).

Apparently, after the show, Nicci Gilbert went live on Instagram and was talking spicy!

At some point, she must’ve fired shots at Jesseca.

So, Brat went live again…this time with her fiancée, Jesseca Dupart, and they went in.


In hindsight, Jesseca says she and Brat fell for the okie doke after a wonderful day of helping others.

She went on to say she’s disappointed in herself for reacting to the BS.

With that being said, kudos to Da Brat and Jesseca Dupart for helping 1,000 families in St. Charles Parish over the weekend.


Hopefully, we can now move on from this tomfoolery.

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