Delco crossing guard Kiara Lee arrested and charged with distributing vapes and marijuana to middle school students.

Kiara Lee, a 26-year-old Darby borough crossing guard, faces serious charges that starkly contrast the safety and security her role represents.

Authorities allege that Lee distributed electronic cigarettes and marijuana-infused substances to Penn Wood Middle School students, shattering the trust placed in her by the community.

The allegations came to light when a vigilant student reported that Lee had provided vapes multiple times and frequently smoked marijuana with another student.

This alarming claim was corroborated by the student’s guardian, who confirmed that Lee had given her child vapes and marijuana edibles.

Text messages between Lee and the student, detailing their experiences after consuming the edibles, further substantiated these accusations.

Delaware County District Attorney Stollsteimer expressed the profound betrayal felt by the community:

School crossing guards epitomize the role of public servants.

They are – quite literally – entrusted with the lives of our children and hold a position of sacred trust in communities across the Commonwealth and the country.

For an individual to abuse that trust is deeply disturbing, and corrosive to the well-being of the entire community.”

Lee now faces charges of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and corruption of minors.

The local community, already grappling with the challenges of safeguarding their children from negative influences, was left reeling from the news.

Maya Bryant, a concerned parent, voiced her frustration and disbelief:

It’s already bad enough as a parent, keeping them away from influences, but to hear that an employee of the borough would even sell to kids. It’s insane.

Malekka Dade echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the deep sense of betrayal:

It’s a shame to have these people on these corners to do their job, to protect children and now you’re telling me the kids are receiving drugs from them? It’s utterly disgusting.

In response to the allegations, the Borough of Darby swiftly placed Kiara Lee on administrative suspension and banned her from all borough facilities.

Late Wednesday, the Borough released a statement:

The Council of the Borough of Darby is deeply disturbed by the allegations contained in the Affidavit of Probable Cause related to Ms. Kiara Lee.

We have placed Ms. Lee on administrative suspension and banned her from our facilities pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

We are grateful for the men and women of the Darby Borough Police Department for their hard work in making sure our community is safe.

Watch the local news report below.

This disturbing incident underscores the importance of vigilance and community trust.

As the investigation continues, the community remains united in their commitment to safeguarding their children and holding those in positions of trust accountable.

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