Corissa Laws, Woman Accused Of Working As A Nurse In 8 States Without A License, Denied Bail

Corissa Laws, who has been accused of working as a nurse in eight different states without a license, was denied bail on Tuesday (June 6), and she will remain in Cobb County jail (Georgia).

Corissa has been charged with stealing the identity of a Florida nurse and using her nursing license to care for several patients with developmental disabilities.

Corissa has an active warrant for her arrest in Vermont and pending charges in Orlando, Florida.

The prosecution stated that she also admitted to practicing as a nurse in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Florida, New Mexico, and Georgia.

Corissa was employed as a licensed nurse with Walton Community Services to provide around-the-clock care for eight people in a Cobb County home.

Her defense attorney argued she should’ve been granted bond because she’s only facing one felony.

She’s charged with one felony. Practicing without a license in Georgia is a misdemeanor, which must have a bond. The one felony, aggravated identity, alleges she committed this one time.

Corissa’s attorney also stated that the real focus should be on his client’s employer.

There is an investigation into Walton Community Services for them committing fraud and sending nurses out to practice nursing without a license.

The nurse that Corissa Laws is accused of impersonating declined to comment publicly, but she did say she is glad Corissa is behind bars.

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Source: WSB-TV

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