Florida Cop Dianne Ferreira Arrested For Using Dead Man’s Credit Card
Osceola Sheriff’s Office

Dianne Ferreira, a St. Cloud, Florida police officer was arrested after she allegedly stole a dead man’s credit card information and used it for everything from gas to Wendy’s.

Ferreira, 25, responded to a call at a home outside of Orlando in April.

While investigating the death scene, she took photos of the deceased’s credit cards and loaded the information into multiple apps on her phone. 

The day after the man’s death, Dianne Ferreira purchased gas, made a mobile order for Wendy’s and she booked a hotel room. 

The deceased’s wife noticed the fraudulent charges and reported them to the police. 

Dianne attempted to charge gas and eyelash extensions on the cards, but they were canceled. 

According to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, Dianne Ferreira confessed to taking the information from the death investigation scene.

She was arrested and charged with criminal use of the personal identification information of the deceased, fraudulent use of a credit card over $200, and theft by taking or retaining possession of a card. 

She was released after posting a $4,000 bond. 

Dianne Ferreira was fired after being placed on unpaid administrative leave. 

The sheriff’s office said there was no evidence that she stole other credit cards, but an investigation into whether she committed other crimes is ongoing. 

Sheriff Marcos Lopez said during a news conference on Wednesday:

You got to be a pretty cold-hearted person to go to someone’s house where her husband or her loved one has just passed away and start taking snapshots of a credit card.

I need all of Dianne Ferreira’s cases reviewed and investigated. SMH

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Source: NY Daily News

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