Singer Elle Varner pictured with her father producer Jimmy Varner

Elle Varner is mourning the passing of her father, James Charles Varner (Jimmy Varner). 

The “Refill” singer took to social media on Thursday night with a heartbreaking tribute to her father. 

I probably haven’t wanted to post this because it feels too much like saying goodbye and I never want to. 💔💔💔 I remember the day in the first picture vividly.

Not so much the details of it, but the way I felt when my Dad let go of my handlebars for the first time. I remember being so afraid for him to let go, but also the moment I trusted him and went flying.

He told me it was okay because he was right there….I can’t believe I’ll never hear his voice again. Never have him give me a chord change, or a lesson in the business, or drive me crazy with his Jimmyisms 💔❤️‍🩹

But I know he gave me all that he could and exponentially more. I know that he prepared me with all the tools I needed to be safe, make good choices, and succeed at whatever I chose to put my mind to.

I know that he would want me to continue on my journey in music and NEVER QUIT.

“YOU CAN DO IT” was his motto. Here’s to the greatest father on earth- my Dad, James Charles Varner. I love you Dad and I know you’ll never leave my side 💜

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Elle Varner, who is a Grammy-nominated artist, got her love and gift of music from her father. 

Jimmy Varner, a former member of the group, By All Means, was a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who has collaborated with everyone from Tevin Campbell to Kool & The Gang

Please join me in sending love and prayers to Elle Varner and her family during their time of bereavement.

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