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Tevin Campbell has threatened to take legal action against Jaguar Wright

During a recent interview, Jaguar talked about he impact the entertainment industry has on women and young people. 

After speaking on Judy Garland, Jaguar went on to talk about how Tevin went from possibly being the greatest male vocalist to prostituting himself for drugs and money.

How does a boy with a voice like that that had the records that he had that could have easily transformed into one of the greatest male vocals of all time end up prostituting himself for drugs and change on Hollywood Boulevard?!

How does that happen with a gift like his?

Tevin Campbell took to Twitter and threatened to take legal action against Jaguar Wright. 

Watch the clip below. Begin at the 2:20 mark.

Tevin tweeted: 

According to @jaguarwright I was not a sex worker on Hollywood Blvd. It’s called online defamation. Do. Not. Test. T.E.V.I.N. My lawyer is on deck. I would take that YouTube vid down if I were you. 

My past is well documented and I’ve learned from it and I own it. I will not tolerate anyone telling lies about me online. 

He has since deleted the tweets. 

But, moments ago, Tevin tweeted: 

When they talk bad and tell lies about me my streams go ?? so thank you.

See the tweet below:


Whether or not Tevin Campbell files that lawsuit will determine if Jaguar was telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

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