Loni Love shared a tearful breakthrough on the #GirlChat segment of “The Real” on Monday (November 29).

The segment was about sharing the most difficult conversations that you ever had with yourself that made you a better person.

Adrienne Houghton and Garcelle Beauvais shared their stories, but Loni Love took the segment to another level.

I think the question that I had to ask myself is why do some people not like me?

I don’t want to do this!

(Adrienne): I’m here with you and you know we’ve all gone through that. Especially being on a show like this where you… put your whole life out there, your opinions, your thoughts, the stupid things you’ve done, the stupid things you think…

(Loni): And the breakthrough, because it’s like you start and you go… what is it?

And so then you go through, okay maybe it’s my look, maybe it’s what I say, and then the thing that I started to realize through mindfulness and meditation is that everybody is just not going dig you.

And that’s okay!

But, you still can live a good life, and you have to learn to take the rejections and take the criticism and understand that you’re okay.

You’re not everybody’s cup of tea. It’s okay, some people like chamomile, some people like green tea, sometimes they mix it.

It took me a long time to understand that, but the mistake that I was making was that I was trying to be…

(Garcelle): What you thought they wanted…

(Loni): Exactly!

(Adrienne): There is nothing harder than that… because sadly you never can be.

(Loni): And, that’s the breakthrough! 

You find out no matter what you do, you can be 110 pounds, you can be light skin with long hair, it don’t matter!

People are going to find something wrong. So do you want to go through life always trying to change for somebody else?

And I’m like no!… I’ve learned to accept who I am, and I know who I am, I like who I am.

And that’s when my breakthrough started happening. And when you do that type of breakthrough they’re improvements that I didn’t know that I could make.

My mind has opened up to so many different things, and so it’s okay now.

And I just want people out there to know everybody is not going to like you, and it’s okay.

Don’t let people stop you from growing and being who you are as a woman.

Watch the video below:

I’m sure Loni’s words resonated with many women and men.

The most important relationship you will ever have in life is the relationship you have with yourself.