Aida Rodriguez - Legitimate Kid Memoir
Aida Rodriguez- Legitimate Kid

Renowned stand-up comedian Aida Rodriguez announced has released her highly anticipated memoir, “Legitimate Kid.”

The incredible stand-up comedian is loved for how she effortlessly weaves her sharp wit, social commentary, and personal experiences into her performances.

Now, Aida is sharing her life story of overcoming hardships and transforming pain into laughter.

Read the official description for “Legitimate Kid” below. 

Aida Rodriguez has, to put it mildly, lived a whirlwind life.

Her rags-to-riches story is mind-blowing:

She was kidnapped as a child by her mother in the Dominican Republic and brought to the US.

She was later kidnapped again by her grandmother and uncle and moved from New York to Florida.

As an adult, she ended a difficult marriage and endured homelessness with her children in Los Angeles. But through it all, she never lost her sense of humor.

Born with a wonderful wit and an irrepressible spirit, Aida used her gifts and worked tirelessly, turning tragedy and pain into biting comedy that takes on everything from misogyny and racism to social media and news headlines.

She eventually released a hit HBO Max special which led to multiple development deals—success that won her a nationwide audience, opened doors, and helped her expand the way Latinos are represented in comedy.

In this, her highly anticipated first book, Aida charts her many ups and downs. From personal setbacks to career highs and everything in between, “Legitimate Kid” is endearing, shocking, and ultimately life-affirming.

Aida Rodriguez took to social media to share a personal message with her fans where she shared, “I wrote a book…I wrote it myself. No ghostwriter. I’m so excited about that.”

Because it is her first book, Aida admits she had a little help from editors and publishers to help, but she added, “I wrote it myself, those are my words, and I’m very proud of that.”

If you ever felt left behind, if you felt like you didn’t belong…like you were damaged because of something that happened to you when you were a kid..that’s what this story is about.

I teamed up with little me to tell our story – tell the truth – tell about all of the things that happened. 

Some good, some bad, some whatever – but they happened and I think it’s important to set it free. 

It is part of my healing and I hope that it will be part of yours too. 

Watch Aida’s personal message below.

Aida Rodriguez recently sat down with Ice Cream Convos founder and CEO, Xaviera, to have a heartfelt discussion about the memoir.

Legitimate Kid: A Memoir” by Aida Rodriguez is now on sale! You can purchase your copy using any of the buttons below.


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