Claudia Jordan Responds To NeNe Leakes Saying She Should’ve Got A Peach On ‘RHOA’

Claudia Jordan recently responded to NeNe Leakes saying she was her number one battle on “RHOA,” and she feels like she should’ve gotten a peach.

NeNe’s comments were made on Carlos King’s podcast “Reality With The King.”

But I will give Claudia this, although, she said the most nastiest things about me, and she’s been holding onto a grudge for a hundred, thousand years.

I would have to give… I’m going to give her this… I’ve read many of girls, honey! And I’ve been on this show with many girls.

I would have to say that she was probably my number one battle.

She was definitely right up there to battle with.

Carlos King revealed that after the scene on “RHOA” with NeNe and Claudia that Demetria McKinney was being positioned as a peach holder, and NeNe told the producers that Claudia should have the peach over Demetria.

Claudia should have the peach.

…Y’all done got rid of Porsha, you need to give Claudia the peach because Claudia was really going toe-to-toe with me, and I would give her that every single time.

After playing the clip from Carlos’ podcast, Claudia Jordan asked her co-host on “Tea-G-I-F” if they wanted to respond to what NeNe said.

Her co-host Funky Dineva said that the clip brought an eternal smile to his face, but he told Claudia that she came off on “RHOA” like someone was telling her to go after and attack different cast members.

Claudia Jordan responded:

Never, first of all, I was there as a friend of the show. I wasn’t there to get a peach, and I was perfectly fine.

What people fail to remember is at the time I was already working on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” and booked every single weekend.

I wasn’t trying to get another… I didn’t even think me getting a peach was a possibility.

Now to your question, that’s been one of the most frustrating opinions because… especially now, like, you’ve known me for some years now.

Um, I wouldn’t go on a show and do someone’s dirty work, why would I?… I have too much confidence in myself, and I don’t need to do that.

Like, I didn’t care to be on reality tv. Like, that’s never been a goal of mine.

I was minding my business when I went to a get together at The Abbey, and two of my friends B. Scott and Mr. Right called Carlos to come over there, we hung out, and he was, like, ‘I want to get you… I’m gonna change your life.’ I was like, ‘Okay.’

I hardly even watched the show so when I got on the show, um, it’s funny because it’s the opposite that actually happened.

Both Kenya and Carlos said, ‘Do not do what everybody else does and think this is how you get attention and go after NeNe with a fake beef.’

I said, ‘I have no beef with NeNe.’ We were actually cool before I did the show, and I actually hung out with Porsha a few times in New York and in Miami. So I had no beef with anyone on the show.

So what y’all don’t see is a lot of times they will poke you, and then they will show the response. So, yeah it did seem awkward with me and Porsha because you didn’t see day one at “The Rickey Smiley Show” she changed up on me after we was cool.

You didn’t see, um, you know, well I don’t know, the NeNe thing, me and Nene like I said we were cordial before this so I was shocked to see there was a scene where she was calling me thirsty, and I was just like, ‘Whatever’ so…

It’s kind of like on reality you get the response, and as the new girl I understand how people say, ‘Oh, you came with an agenda’ absolutely not, Carlos and Kenya… and to Kenya’s credit she could of said, ‘Yo, you’re my girl have my back’, she never said that.

Um, and as far as, uh, what NeNe said I thought that was dope what she said, of course she threw some shade, but, um, that’s to be expected, that’s fine.

Um, but I do appreciate that because that is what, what actually would happen, and, uh, that show, that scene was a lot left out that y’all did not see.

And I wish they could one day release it because it was actually a fantastic, um, ping-pong match between the two of us.

And, I would always say this, so it’s my close friends, you know, it’s too bad it went down like that because I think her and I on the same, uh, page would’ve made some funny a** tv together.

So, but anyways, I appreciate that NeNe, uh, thank you so much, and, uh, that was cool, and, uh, I’m not gonna address the shady part I’m gonna be happy with that. Imma take my wins. Imma take my Ws.

Watch NeNe’s comment and Claudia’s response from “TEA-G-I-F” below:

Watch the epic argument between NeNe Leakes and Claudia Jordan from season 7 of “RHOA” below:

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