Don’t ever disrespect Claressa Shields!

At a recent PFL press conference, a reporter had the audacity to ask the Olympic gold medalist, who also holds the WBC, WBA, and IBF world titles, if she would consider fighting on a Jake Paul undercard like Amanda Serrano.

Claressa promptly responded:

Don’t ever disrespect me!

I would never fight on the undercard of Jake Paul. I’m a three-division world champion and a two-time Olympic gold medallist in boxing.

I would never fight on an undercard of Jake Paul. 

I don’t know what Amanda Serrano’s purse was – I think it was like $75,000 or $100,000 – I would never fight another boxing match for that much money because I’m worth so much more.

I’m a million dollar fighter and before I get on the undercard of a guy that’s having a circus show … no disrespect to Tyron Woodley, no disrespect to Jake Paul, but I’m a real boxer.

I could beat up Jake Paul at the weight class I’m at right now.

So no, I would never fight on the undercard of someone who does not possess the skills or accomplishments that I have.

Watch Claressa get some straightenin below.

Claressa Shields did take to Twitter to make it clear that it wasn’t her intent to fire shots Amanda Serrano when responding to press.

DON’T GET IT TWISTED! The question was “Would you fight the Undercard of Jake Paul like Amanda Serrano” my answer was “don’t disrespect me, No I would not fight the undercard of him, I listed my accomplishments & let it be known NEVER WILL I EVER AND JAKE PAUL WOULD FALL TO ME.

Men have seen me sparr other grown men in the gym! That’s how I & the professional fighters speaking on my behalf know that I’d embarrass @jakepaul don’t think that saying I’m a woman is a reason he’d beat me! Skills, power, experience! Don’t disrespect it.

People say I took a shot at @Serranosisters yesterday & that wasn’t my intent! I love my sis! I share the title GWOAT with her! That’s how much I love & respect her! We should be getting millions for how great we are and our accomplishments! My shot was directed at @jakepaul

See the original tweets below.

Claressa also shared how she would beat Jake Paul’s behind if needed…

Oh, and speaking of Tyron Woodley…he is so desperate for a rematch that he got an “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo.

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