Ciara Sparks Pregnant Rumors With Her Look Back At It Post

Ciara recently posted a look back at it video to her Instagram account that has her comments percolating with preggers speculation.

In the video, she is adorned in a beautiful cheetah print dress, showing off her cakes.

She does three close-up poses before she goes to a nearby white couch to do a few more poses.

The video is set to N.E.R.D.’s popular “Rockstar” song.

Ciara only captioned the post with two emoji’s: 🤟🏽 🐆

Her comments instantly blew up with pregnancy speculation and shout-outs to her husband, Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

See Ciara’s original post below:

Scoop some comments below:

Ciara comment 1.
Ciara comment 2.
Ciara comment 3.
Cici comment 4.
Cici comment 5.

If the speculation is true, hopefully, the new baby will motivate Russ to play better next season.

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