Chris Webber Spoke From The Heart Last Night About Social Injustice In America

Chris Webber spoke from the heart last night about social injustice in America after the Milwaukee BUCKS led the charge on the boycott of the NBA Bubble Playoff Game 5s (1st round), in wake of the Jacob Blake shooting.

Chris Webber starts out commemorating Colin Kaepernick taking a knee, 4 years ago to the day, and he shares a touching story about how Charles Barkley visited his high school and how he was inspired by seeing a basketball player in real life.

Coach Van Gundy & Charles Barkley joined the conversation, and Chris Webber answered a question that Barkley asked about racial inclusion very eloquently.

The words from Webber that stuck with me the most was the quote he referenced from Dr. Martin Luther King, “In the end, you don’t remember the words of your enemies, but the silence of your friends.”

I never heard this quote before, but it is perfect for what we are going through in the world today.

Another topic that resonated with me was Webber’s confession that the only reason he is able to watch the horrible videos of police brutality against black people is because he pulls from the strength of Emmett Till’s mother being strong enough to have an open casket for the world to see what was done to her son.

Listen to Webber’s emotional, articulate, & impactful words in the clip below:

I gained the ultimate respect for Webber last night after hearing him speak his heart.

Just a day ago Webber was getting dragged on twitter for his subpar commentating skills, but he proved to the world last night that he is highly intelligent, & extremely articulate.

Do you agree with Webber’s perspective on systemic racism & social injustice in America?


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  1. When C Webb first got drafted he signed a shoe contract with Nike. The following summer he went home to Detroit and kids were telling him that they were out robbing or being robbed because they wanted his $140 shoes but couldn’t afford them.He went to Nike and asked them to drop the price but they wouldn’t so he asked to be released from his contract because he didn’t going to jail or getting hurt for his shoes.

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