Chloe Bailey Says She Was Inspired By Beyoncé At 5 Years Old

Chloe Bailey recently appeared on “Jimmy Fallon” and talked about how she was inspired by Beyoncé at five years old.

Jimmy Fallon asked Chloe who influenced her to pursue a singing career, and she responded, “Beyoncé, Missy Elliot, and Alicia Keys.”

Chloe then shared a story about knowing she wanted to sing after seeing Beyoncé in concert in Atlanta when she was five years old.

And the crazy thing is, that was the first concert I went to in Atlanta, and I had my little Dangerously in Love binoculars from the nosebleed seats.

And I was looking down and five-year-old Chloe was like, ‘You know what?… I’m gonna do that one day.’

…That’s when I knew.

Ironically, Chloe Bailey played a young version of Beyoncé’s character in the 2003 musical/comedy film, The Fighting Temptations

Her character’s name was Lilly, and Chloe was glowing with excitement as she talked about working with Beyoncé at such a young age.

Watch a young Chloe as Lilly in the clip below from The Fighting Temptations movie:

Jimmy showed a picture of Beyoncé and a young Chloe, and she said she remembered that exact moment.

Young Chloe & Beyoncé.

I remember this exact moment.

One, I was just in love with my outfit and my little flip-flop wedges.

And when I saw that we were in the same color, I got really excited and I was like, ‘Can I take a picture, please?’

And she was so nice to me. And even at the wrap party, she’d hold me and we danced the night away.

…She’s incredibly amazing!

And even at the premiere, it was really funny.

Halle and I, we were crawling under people’s legs just to get to her.

And Sis’s hair got caught in her dress.

She had, like, a sequins dress. Isn’t that funny?…

She was fine with it. She was so graceful.

And Halle and I were excited, and I feel like that was the moment my love really began for her, because she was so kind to little Chloe.

It’s really a full circle moment because nearly two decades later Chloe is signed to Beyoncé’s record label, and just put her debut solo album In Pieces out.

Watch the clip of the Chloe Bailey interview from “Jimmy Fallon” below:

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