Tron Austin and wife Jeong Ah Wang
Tron Austin and wife Jeong Ah Wang via Instagram

Chilli is going to be a grandma! The TLC singer’s son, Tron Austin, is married and expecting his first child. 

Tron gushed as he took to social media, on their 5-year anniversary, to share that he and his wife, Jeong Ah Wang, would be welcoming a baby girl, Luna Wang Austin, in March 2024. 

In his lengthy post, the 26-year-old husband and expectant dad detailed his and Jeong’s challenging journey to start their own family through the process of IVF. 

Tron explained that Jeong went through two HSG procedures (imaging tests that are used to view the inside of the uterus and fallopian tubes), a hysteroscopy (an inspection of the uterine cavity by endoscopy), removal of both fallopian tubes and scar tissue from past hernia and appendicitis surgeries, egg retrieval and a miscarriage before becoming pregnant with their daughter.

He praised his wife for “staying strong through the whole thing.”

Read Tron Austin’s full post below. 

WE ARE PREGNANT!! 👶🏻FINALLY WE CAN OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCE OUR DAUGHTER 🌙 LUNA WANG AUSTIN 🌙 will be here in March 2024! To my wife, I am so proud of you witnessing you going through so much just to get our beautiful baby here I am in awe of your efforts and I am blessed and honored by Jesus himself to begin this journey with you I love you so much you are going to be the best mother EVER! We came a long way 5 years later we are married and expecting our first child. loyalty goes a long way ❤️‍🔥🥰 She went through:

2 HSG procedures,

1 hysteroscopy, removal of both tubes and scar tissue from hernia & appendicitis surgeries,

1 egg retrieval,

1 miscarriage 🕊️

And still stayed strong through the whole thing!#IVF has tested us and blessed us through a year and a half journey. We will be the best parents for our little one and we just cannot wait for her to be here 👶🏻🥰 🤰 P.S HAPPY 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY BABY I hope you enjoy the diaper bag hehe😉👶🏻❤️🐉

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Tron Austin & Jeong Ah Wang

Tron Austin and Jeong Ah Wang were dating for four years when he proposed on Valentine’s Day in 2022 and proudly announced their engagement via Instagram. 

He shared a photo of the engagement ring writing:

4 years ago I met you and it changed my life! Now I will have you forever she said YES ♾???????? I love you so much!!! 평생 사랑 할게! introducing Mr. and Mrs. Austin❤️‍????

In December 2022, Austin and Jeong tied the knot three days after Christmas. 

This past Valentine’s Day, Tron shared that he and Jeong are now husband and wife by posting a photo of their wedding bands and their marriage certificate. 

He wrote:

A year ago today I proposed and today was my first #valentinesday with you as my wife let’s continue to build our future together ♥️💍😌🧛🧛‍♀️ #4L #사랑해요

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Jeong took to her Instagram Story to share a photo of her 14-week baby bump. 

Meanwhile, on Tron Austin’s Instagram Story, the proud papa showed off a video of his baby girl yawning in utero. 

The caption read: 

God’s miracles are beautiful 14 weeks down 2nd trimester

Let’s go baby🥰🥰❤️ As your father I will protest with all my will. I’ll be a man of my word and I will do everything in my power to provide and contribute to the best life for you and your mother my beautiful wife @3astasian.

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Tron Austin is Chilli’s only child, whom she welcomed from her previous relationship with producer Dallas Austin

Congratulations to the happy and growing family. 

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