Chilli & Kelly Ripa Fan Out Over Each Other During Interview

Chilli of TLC recently told Kelly Ripa how much she adores her and has always wanted to be on her show, and the two made an instant connection with one another.

On Chilli’s visit to “Live with Kelly and Mark,” she expressed gratitude to finally be on the show and being able to meet Kelly’s husband, Mark Consuelos, who was recently named as former host Ryan Seacrest’s replacement.

Chilli told the couple that she had been a fan of theirs since their days together on the soap opera, “All My Children.”

Kelly Ripa and Mark met at a 1995 screen test for “All My Children.” 

Mark landed the part of Mateo Santos, who became Kelly’s character, Hayley Vaughan’s onscreen love.

More than twenty years later they are married with three kids working on the same show again.

Kelly told Chilli that if she had known she was watching her on “All My Children” it would have probably shut her down because she feels like they grew up together.

They shared a story about a conversation they had recently at The Power of Women event in New York where Chilli told Kelly she wanted to be on her show for over a decade.

Kelly said during the event she immediately text her talent booker to let her know that Chilli sounded very serious about wanting to be on the show.

Kelly also said that Chilli talked about her dress at the event, and she received a note from Seth Meyers that said, “You have to give Chilli that dress because she was serious.”

Chilli responded:

Again, watching you all the years I’m like, “Hmm, I think we’re about the same size.

And she’s wearing these amazing outfits every morning, okay!

That the whole world’s seen, but they have not seen me in these outfits.

So instead of, like, I don’t know, letting them hang in your closet like that…

Kelly and the audience got a good laugh out of Chilli’s response.

Kelly surprised Chilli by giving her the dress that Seth Myers told her to give her.

Chilli was very appreciative, and Kelly told her there is plenty more where that came from.

Watch the clips of the Chilli interview on “Live with Kelly and Mark” below:

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Source: US Magazine

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