Chilli Goes Instagram Official With Actor & Singer Matthew Lawrence

Social media has been buzzing after Chilli, from the iconic group TLC, and actor and singer Matthew Lawrence went Instagram official over the holidays.

Both Chilli and Matthew posted a video on New Year’s Eve of them dancing and singing in matching onesies.

The post was captioned:


#onesiegang #wecute

See Chilli’s original IG post below:

Matthew Lawrence is known for his roles in Mrs. Doubtfire, “Boy Meets World,” and Brotherly Love with his real-life brothers, Joey and Andrew.

Matthew formed the band Still Three in 2017 with his brothers Joey and Andrew. Their debut single “Lose Myself” was released that same year.

According to Chilli’s rep, they are dating and they spent Thanksgiving and Christmas together in Atlanta, where Matthew met Chilli’s family.

The rep also said that she’s never seen Chilli this in love, and she is glowing.

Watch below as Chilli’s dear friend and rep, Christal Jordan-Jennings gives the inside scoop on their romance.

Rumors started circulating in August when the couple was spotted in Hawaii together, but at that time reps were saying they were not romantically linked.

Most likely because Matthew was in the process of divorcing his wife of three years, Cheryl Burke, a professional dancer on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.”

Matthew and Cheryl’s divorce was finalized in September 2022. 

She filed back in February, citing irreconcilable differences.

She has admitted that she is lonely after her split from Matthew, but she is moving on.

Although she has been very active on TikTok, divulging some of Matthew’s alleged infidelities.

Watch the “ET” report below:

We wish Chilli and Matthew Lawrence all the best in their new relationship.

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