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Chance The Rapper is trending in the streets for Twitter and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with music.

The 9x Grammy Award-winning rapper’s name has been ringing off all day on social media after he allegedly “liked” and then “unliked” explicit transgender content on Twitter.

Apparently, someone was perusing the “Likes” tab on Chance’s Twitter account and rang the alarm to bring everyone’s attention to it,

The 29-year-old husband and father has been trending ever since.

While a large portion of Twitter reacted by jokingly reminding Chance The Rapper that his Likes are public, others really didn’t make a big deal about it.

One person tweeted, “Ni***s was in Chance The Rapper’s likes and saw he liked some trans sex and first of all let me first say, y’all nosey af in folks likes. But secondly, at this point, I truly believe probably like 80% of adults are sexually fluid and given the right opportunity would explore. ?”

Another person tweeted, “str8 men doing the most by acting like gossip girls about Chance The Rapper Twitter likes. Straight men love Trans women and love Trans sex work. Sit down. Chance must’ve thought he was on his alt or that verified accs likes are hidden. Same thing Doc Rivers (NBA coach) did.”

Jaclyn Moore, writer and showrunner for “Dear White People,” tweeted, “Chance the Rapper liking trans women is great. You know that means he’s… just like a lot of other famous straight men.”

The ugliest part was the people who unnecessarily attacked the appearance of his wife, Kirsten Corley-Bennett, who had absolutely nothing to do with it. I won’t be sharing those tweets.

See a few of the lighter tweets below.

Chance The Rapper has not addressed the chatter on social media and I’m sure all of this will blow over in a day or so.

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