Dear White People” is trending after the masses learned the showrunner of the hit Netflix series is a white woman.

It all came to light on Wednesday when Jaclyn P. Moore announced she would be boycotting Netflix over Dave Chappelle’s new stand-up special, “The Closer.”

Jaclyn took to Twitter writing: 

I told the story of my transition for @netflix and @most‘s Pride week. It’s a network that’s been my home on @DearWhitePeople. I’ve loved working there. 

I will not work with them as long as they continue to put out and profit from blatantly and dangerously transphobic content.

I love so many of the people I’ve worked with at Netflix. Brilliant people and executives who have been collaborative and fought for important art… But I’ve been thrown against walls because, “I’m not a ‘real’ woman.” I’ve had beer bottles thrown at me. So, @Netflix, I’m done.

Chappelle was one of my heroes. I was at his comeback show in NYC. But he said he’s a TERF. He compared my existence to someone doing blackface. He talks about someone winning a Woman of the Year award despite never having a period should make women mad and that it makes him mad.

And then he ended his special with a “but I had a trans friend” story. He says we don’t listen. But he’s not listening. Those words have real world consequences. Consequences that every trans woman I know has dealt with. Bruises and panicked phone calls to friends. That’s real.

So when he says people should be mad a trans woman won a “Woman of the Year” award… When he misgenders… When he says he should’ve told that mother her daughter WAS A DUDE… I just can’t… I can’t be a part of a company that thinks that’s worth putting out and celebrating.

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Jaclyn P. Moore isn’t the only person outraged by the stand-up special and some are calling for Netflix to remove it.

But, Twitter put a pin in that to address the shock of learning the showrunner of “Dear White People” is a white woman.

Peep the tweets below. 

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