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Chaka Khan Asks ‘Prayer Warriors’ To Uplift Betty Wright In Prayer

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Chaka Khan took to social media on Saturday and called on her prayer warriors to uplift soul singer Betty Wright in prayer.

The request has left many feeling anxious and concerned and there is no information available as to what exactly is going on with Betty.

Chaka shared the post on all of her social media pages along with a slide show of Betty Wright photos.

The caption read:

Calling all my #PrayWarriors | My beloved sister, Betty Wright, is now in need of all your prays. “Que Sera, Sera | Whatever Will Be, Will Be”
In Jesus Name We Pray for Sister Betty
All My Love Chaka

See her original post below:

Betty Wright is a musical legend best know for her classic tunes “Tonight is the Night,” “No Pain, No Gain,” and “Clean Up Woman.”

Please join me in lifting Betty up in prayer.

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