LeMisha Fields says she’s homeless.

The 702 singer took to Instagram on Saturday to announce her husband, Tony Fields Sr., and her son, Tony II, allegedly kicked her out of their home “like a piece of trash.”

LeMisha wrote:

I’m homeless. @sirchamp21 and @t_fields01 kicked me out. After all that I’ve done for them, they threw me out like a piece of trash when I was at my lowest.

In a second post, LeMisha continued:

His father stayed with us for YEARS before he passed away in our home a few months ago. I was there for him through the whole thing! Never in a million years did I think he would kick me out at the lowest time in my life. @sirchamp21 but you a MAN though. You couldn’t let me get back on my feet before you threw me out of your MOTHER’S house? I’m your children’s mother!!

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This is extremely sad especially considering the fact that LeMisha Fields and Tony just celebrated their 20th anniversary in January.

She wrote:

Happy 20th Anniversary to the love of my life @sirchamp21 ! Looking forward to 20 more! You are my best friend and I’m better because of you! I love you.

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This is extremely sad and I hope whatever is going on is worked out.

Please send up a prayer for LeMisha.