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Cassie Venture and husband Alex Fine (via Instagram)

Alex Fine, Cassie’s loving and supportive husband, took to Instagram on Friday and shared an open letter to women and children regarding abusive men.

The letter comes on the heels of CNN releasing the 2016 surveillance video of Diddy brutally assaulting Cassie in a Los Angeles hotel.

Alex shared: 

Wrote this awhile back but the words ring true not just today but everyday.

I want my kids and every kid to live in a world that’s safe for women and girls, protects them and treats them as equals.

To the women and children, you’re not alone, and you are heard.

If you need help call the domestic violence hotline at (800) 799-7233.

In his letter, he included a message for abusers:

To the abusers, you’re done, you’re not safe anymore, you’re not protected anymore, the men by your side are just as weak, you’re so miserable with yourself that death would be considered a kindness. 

Read Alex Fine’s full letter below. 

Alex and Cassie tied the knot in 2019, and they had two lovely daughters: Frankie Stone Fine, born in December 2019, and Sunny Cinco Fine, born in March 2021

Someone commented on Alex’s post writing:

This is a sign ladies if it’s not working out with somebody, you can always find another person that is better than the other person you had so do not be afraid to get out of that abusive relationship because there are so many good men out there.

Please join me in sending love and prayers to Cassie, who has been forced to relive this ordeal online.

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