Cardi B is trending in the streets of social media after her performance at the BET Experience on Friday night. 

The Grammy Award-winning rapper took to the stage in Los Angeles for the concert event the Arena that also featured performances from Gunna, Sexyy Red, and Davido

Watch a few clips from her performance below.

Cardi B immediately sparked pregnancy rumors when she hit the stage to perform a medley of hit records in a bedazzled jersey from the Ashanti “Aww Baby” Maternity Collection.

She also drew criticism for blasting the production crew in the middle of her show for falling short of completing the tasks assigned to them. 

Milagro took to Twitter writing: 

I understand that people have families to feed, but I wished we lived in a better world because no one should ever be disrespected like this in a workplace environment/at all.

This principle isn’t exclusive to less glamorous positions. Celebrities included.

Cardi wasted no time responding to her tweet: 

Girl shut up.. when you do a show you don’t pay after you pay before…

I paid 350,000 up front the least they could do is get my pyro ready and turn the fans on because guess what???

At the end of the day that money is not returnable…

Don’t half a** my show because you comfortable when I definitely don’t half ass when it comes to paying…

Don’t tell me how to talk to anybody when you the same ho talkin bout my kids and other deceased parents for no reason.

See the original tweets below.

Cardi B is currently trending as the public discusses the possibility of her being pregnant with her third child.

Cardi B has not addressed the pregnancy speculation.

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