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26 Totally Accurate Tweets About Derrick Jaxn Being Exposed For Cheating On His Wife

Derrick Jaxn is getting roasted in the streets of social media after the so-called “relationship guru” was exposed for cheating on his wife.

Hours ago, Derrick grabbed his bonnet-wearing wife, Da’Naia Jackson, and posted a video on social media addressing his indiscretions with other women.


Full transparency: I’m not wasting my time watching it. I didn’t listen to his advice before I found out he was a fraud and I’m not about to listen to him try to explain away being a hypocrite.

So, let’s get into the tweets!


I would be remiss if I didn’t include Lil Duval’s foolishness…


Did you fall for the Derrick Jaxn okie doke?

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