Candace Owens is facing a $20 million defamation lawsuit for calling Kimberly Klacik a “stripper who used campaign money to buy drugs.”

The irony of this lawsuit is that Kimberly Klacik is also a Republican politician who shares similar views with Candace.

Reportedly, their feud started in June when Kimberly disagreed with a tweet Candace sent out about Juneteenth being declared a national holiday.

See Candace’s tweet below:

See Kimberly’s response below:

Believe it or not, many in ‘Black America’ are very aware the fight is about classism rather [than] racism. Unfortunately, the loudest mouths with the largest platforms represent the majority. This might come to a shock to you because of your lack of engagement with black people.

According to the lawsuit, four days after Kimberly’s tweet Candace took to Facebook and Instagram and defamed Kimberly.

Candace Owens accused Kimberly Klacik of tax fraud, campaign fraud, money laundering, illegal drug use, and acting as a madame.

The lawsuit states, “In making these allegations of criminal activity, Owens claimed to have received information from someone who ‘stripped with Ms. Klacik and who allegedly told Owens that Ms. Klacik used campaign funds to purchase cocaine and scammed people of millions. These caustic and made-up defamatory allegations are without factual support.”

Kimberly filed the lawsuit in July, but it was first reported to the media Saturday (August 21). She is seeking $20 million in damages.

The lawsuit says Kimberly has lost multiple financial opportunities due to Candace’s allegations.

Ms. Klacik has lost and continues to lose financial opportunities, media appearances, and political support as a direct result of the Defendant’s malicious and wanton statements. “

Examples of such lost opportunities include the cancellation of a book deal, losing the sponsorship of a nationally-recognized media vendor, cancelled fundraisers, and lost support of previous political donors.

Ms. Klacik and her family continue to be harassed daily, with Ms. Klacik specifically receiving harmful and degrading comments because of the defamatory claims made by the Defendant.

See the TYT report below:

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Source: Law and Crime